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Another day, another move

I'm on the move again. This time, it's from the leaky back bedroom which is about to be demolished, to the dining room at the front of the house.

The next phase of our build is going to get messy. The back of the house will be knocked down (including the studio and kitchen) and the roof over the whole place will be replaced. We'll be moving into a small cabin for the Winter, while the work is done.

My desk just about fits under the window, next to the old long case clock that I inherited from my Grandparents. There's a photo of my great-Grandparents on the wall, celebrating their Golden wedding anniversary next to the same clock.

So, as I pack up the studio again, I'm looking forward to the goal of a permanent space with heating and storage. But I don't mind moving, it gives me a new view and forces me to tidy up my desk.

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