'Fragile Cakes' Greetings Card

'Fragile Cakes' Greetings Card



A square format greetings card with a print of my 'Fragile Cakes' collage.


During the lockdown, I moved house, and wanted to build a veg patch from scratch. I decided I would use the 'no dig' method, which involves using a layer of cardboard on the ground and builing up the compost on top.

Off I went to my local supermarket, scored a pile of nice boxes to use, and then got so taken with the printed card that some of it never made it to the garden! I made these collages using my new cardboard box stash.


These greetings cards are approx. 15x15cm, digitally printed on 300gsm recycled board. The cards are blank on the inside, and printed with a small logo and the image title on the back, and have a white envelope.